Frequently Asked Questions

What is your target audience?

We invite everybody who likes excitement and brain teasers! ExitGame is a fun activity for small groups of friends and family. Companies however are welcome as well, to have an original outing with inevitable teambuilding.

How many people can play a single room?

Per game we allow 2 to 6 players. The more play together, the easier the game gets. If you're with just two and are willing to pay a bit more per person, then better prepare yourself, because it's going to be tough to escape in time. If you'd like to play with more, you can even play the same game simultaneously or consecutively with multiple groups. Call us for more information!

Can we play one room with 7 people though?

But if you want to play The Classic, you can play 3 against 4 in two rooms, for only a few euros per person extra ;-)

Is there a minimum age?

Yes. As most of the puzzles require a certain level of general knowledge, there's a 16 year age limit. Children aged 10 or more are welcome to play along, but only under supervision.

Which languages are available?

At the moment all text in the game is available in Dutch and English. Hints will be given in Dutch or English or, depending on the staff, faulty German and fluent Russian.

Can I determine at what time I play?

No. There is some leeway for large groups (more than one hour), but otherwise you're bound to the times that are on the website, so every 1,5 hours starting at 11:30.

How is accessibility?

Unfortunately, our rooms are not wheelchair accessible, if only for them being in the basement (it should be noted, that through the years, enough people in wheelchairs have climbed the stairs using their arms). Apart from that, little physical excesize is required to play ExitGame.

Are there health considerations?

The Classic is played in a small room the size of a hotel room. Keep this in mind if you're claustrophobic! You can always leave the room with the emergency key, but if it helps, we can let claustrophobic people play with the door unlocked. Also, especially when playing with large groups, the temperature can rise and the air quality might pose a problem for asthmatic individuals.

Is it scary?

A lot of people associate the word escape with terrifying horror movies. If you're one of them, we can assure you ExitGame is exciting, but not scary at all! It's comparable to lasergaming (without the shooting) or paintball (without the pain).

Can we buy something to eat and drink?

Yes and no! Arrive on time to enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or a soda. However, because of very low demand and because we do get fat if we have to eat all our snacks before they go bad, we decided not to sell them anymore. Upon request, we can of course always arrange something!

Sure! Arrive a bit early for a cup of coffee, tea or a soda. If you we're in a hurry and don't want to start the game hungry, we've got a small range of snacks.

Would it be fun to arrive drunk?

There was a text here about us not being too cramped about an occasional beer, but... It turns out even decent businessmen in suits will literally start kicking our stuff around after a few alcoholic beverages, so we don't allow it anymore. If you're under influence when you arrive, we won't let you play! Be careful with softdrugs as well: even though we don't see a lot of agression with people that are high, we still discourage it, as you can sit on the couch and stare for one hour at home too and it's a lot cheaper!

Can we park the car?

There are parking spaces in front of the building, but it could be crowded. Also, every day of the week it's € 3,20 per hour. Keep this in mind when you leave, because looking for a space reduces your playtime!

How can we pay?

We accept Maestro as well as V PAY, MasterCard, Visa Credit and American Express. And of course you can pay with cash.

Do I have to cancel, if I can't make it?

Yes! We've only got 3 game rooms, so if you book and don't show up, a substantial part of our income is lost. Canceling up to two days up front is free. In the last two days, we the cancellation charges are half the price. If you don't show up without notice, we charge the full amount!

Student discount

We like to bear part of the expsenses of groups that live on a tighter budget. That's why we give students and scholars of Dutch education 15% checkout discount. However, this will only be given if they pay for themselves. Someone who treats his family with studying children to ExitGame is obviously very kind, but also obviously isn't on a tight budget and therefore doesn't qualify for student discount. Also, the discount is only handed to students that can show a valid student card!


Don't hesitate to contact us!