The Classic (version 2*)

The Classic is an escape room in it's purest form and will test your brain in every way you can imagine. The challenging puzzles have been valued by our customers for almost 3 years already. We've got two rooms with the same game, which makes it very suitable for competitions with larger groups, say company outings and bachelor parties. But of course you can get yourself locked up for an hour of puzzling on every occasion!

* The puzzles in The Classic have been replaced in the course of 2016. If you've played it in 2014 or 2015, it's safe to play again!

We deliberately chose to not give this room some half-baked theme. Does that make it less fun or less exciting? Not quite! Should a story be a necessity for you, then we'll pretend you've been locked up by an evil logician, giving you exactly one chance to escape. The experience will be the same ;-)

The Game

Type:Escape room
Duration:60 minutes
Players:2 to 6
Target audience:16+, younger under guidance
Difficulty level:
Best time:28:40
2 players€ 60
3 players€ 75
4 players€ 84
5 players€ 95
6 players€ 108