The Heist

It's friday January 22nd 2016. A robber is about to break into the PortLand Bank for his client, when he spots you walking down the street. You know this incalculable character from a previous job you're in debt to him. He's going to happily leave this badly planned heist to you. You get one hour to steal two rare pink diamonds and plunder a big old bank account. Other valuables you come across, are yours to keep! Will you be able to achieve this mission in time?

The Heist is an experience rather than an escape room. Because it is a break in room, you can walk out anytime. The objective is not to get out as quickly as possible, but to get a score as high as possible. You'll be tested 30 times during the game, resulting in a final score between 0 and 100 points. Usually people score about 50 points.

The Game

Type:Next generation experience
Duration:60 minutes
Players:2 to 6
Target audience:16+
Difficulty level:
2 playersNew! € 70
3 players€ 100 € 90
4 players€ 120 € 100
5 players€ 135 € 110
6 players€ 150 € 120