What is an escape room

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What is it?

An escape room is a game in which you get physically locked up in a room. The goal is to escape by solving puzzles. As a rule, you get one hour to do so. The game is so challenging, only a small portion of all groups manages to escape without help.

The game is played with a small group of people. The less players, the bigger the challenge. By cooperating you improve the chance of escaping, as discussion makes you come to a solution faster.

What makes it unique?

The escape room is, other than most activities, a thinking game. But the challenging puzzles, the time ticking away and the exciting music make it feel as if you're in a rollercoaster.

During the game, you'll get tossed between emotions. Stress, happiness, perplexity, euphoria: you'll experience them all! You're physically present in a story, which makes you forget all about your regular life.

Where did it originate?

To escape reality, people used to depend on storytelling. Later these stories were written down in books. It only really became interactive with the arrival of the computer.

Escape room-like games have existed since the invention of the personal computer. First as text based games, later also graphical, online and nowadays even in the form of apps.

The next step is to get physically involved in the game and that is where escape rooms come into play. The first one was opened in 2007 in Japan. The concept is now taking the world by storm.